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Precise Frame Repair in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is: “If my car’s frame is damaged, does that mean it’s a total loss?” In many cases, the answer is no! Car frame repair is absolutely possible, and it’s one of our specialties at West Mesa Auto Craft.

What’s in a Frame?

Your car’s frame is like a skeleton—it’s the underlying structure that supports everything attached to it: your suspension system, rocker panels, hood, doors, trunk cover, etc.

Your vehicle may have a unibody, where the frame and structural panels are integrated, or a body-on-frame. Unibody vehicles tend to provide superior crash protection, but body-on-frame construction may make for easier (and less expensive) collision repairs.

No matter which frame construction your vehicle has, West Mesa Auto Craft has the technology and expertise to repair it.

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We Do Frame Repair Right

The most important aspect of frame repair is frame alignment. Your vehicle’s frame has to be restored to factory specifications in order for everything else to fit right and provide the same level of crash protection when you get back on the road.

To ensure your vehicle’s frame repair is done right, we use the Chief alignment system. This laser alignment system measures your frame and automatically pulls it back to within thousandths of an inch of factory specifications.

Any other frame repairs you may need, such as welds or component replacements, are done by our experienced, certified technicians.

Helping You Cover the Cost of Frame Repairs

Frame repairs are common after an accident, and that may mean your insurance covers them. We can help you find out. Contact us for a free frame repair estimate and assistance with your insurance claim.