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Rio Rancho Auto Frame Repair

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is: “If my car’s frame is damaged, does that mean it’s a total loss?” In many cases, the answer is no! Car frame repair is absolutely possible, and it’s one of our specialties at West Mesa Auto Craft.

West Mesa Auto Craft Rio Rancho

Imagine that you stripped your car of its hood, trunk lid, doors, fenders and roof. The part that’s left is the frame. Just like the frame to your house, this part of the vehicle acts as the skeleton, giving the car support and structure.

Included in the frame are things like the car’s suspension mounting, rocker panels and anything else that can’t simply be bolted onto the vehicle.

Many modern vehicles are “unibody,” meaning that the frame and body are one seamless unit. Either way, if your vehicle’s frame becomes damaged during a collision, it will require some special care and technology to restore it to safely driveable condition.

How Does Frame Repair Work?

The most important aspect of frame repair is ensuring that the frame is perfectly straight. A car whose frame is out of alignment is not structurally sound, and driving a car with that sort of frame damage puts you at risk for other problems developing down the line.

To check that a frame is in perfect alignment, we use the Chief frame machine. This is a useful piece of technology that makes precise measurements to a vehicle’s body, using computers and sensors to calculate its dimensions and confirm that everything is where it’s supposed to be. By comparing your car’s frame to the specifications for its make and model, the Chief frame machine allows us to know for sure that your car’s frame is in exactly the shape it’s meant to be.

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If your car has been damaged and you need auto frame repairs or any other body work, contact West Mesa Auto Craft. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate and get started on the repairs right away!