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Fiberglass Auto Body Repair – Rio Rancho, NM

Finding a body shop that handles fiberglass repairs can be a challenge. While most shops can handle aluminum repair work, fiberglass and composite vehicles require some special tools and training that you won’t find everywhere.

West Mesa Auto Craft specializes in fiberglass repair in addition to other types of collision repair services, and you can count on us to take care of your RV, sports car or other specialty vehicle repairs.

Fiberglass Auto Body Panels

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Fiberglass is a lightweight material made by weaving together glass fibers and resin. It’s used in most RVs and many sports cars. It also makes up components of many other modern cars, such as providing the material for bumper covers.

When a fiberglass panel is damaged, it cannot be repaired in the same way as a steel panel might be. Dents cannot be popped out of fiberglass. Instead, fiberglass must be carefully patched, buffed, blended and repainted. In situations where it cannot be patched, damaged panels must be removed and replaced.

Call (505) 715-4104 to learn more about our fiberglass repair.

Experienced Fiberglass Part Repair Team in Rio Rancho

Knowing how and why to complete fiberglass repairs takes experience, and that’s one of the reasons it’s a specialty at West Mesa Auto Craft: We’ve been in business since 1987, and we’ve spent a lot of that time working on fiberglass auto body repairs for drivers on the West Side!

If you have fiberglass body repairs that need to be completed, contact us here or drop by for a free estimate. We will give your vehicle the individual attention it needs to restore it to its pre-damaged state.