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Collision, Auto Body Repair Painting

When you bring your vehicle to the shop for repairs, you want your repairs to be seamless. You don’t want any reminders of the accident that caused the damage. Painting is a big part of that. A good auto body paint job blends perfectly, hiding any signs of body work. And if your car has special needs, like a custom paint job or unique color, you want a shop that can match those effects to restore your vehicle to its proper pre-accident condition.

West Mesa Auto Craft specializes in auto body repair and painting. From fiberglass work to custom paint jobs, we can handle specialty repairs and restore your vehicle to pre accident condition.

NM Best Collision, Auto Body Paint Matching

We use color-matching technology to identify your car’s exact shade and mix paint in the appropriate hue to ensure a perfect match. It doesn’t matter whether your car has a limited-edition paint color, something factory standard or a custom metallic paint job – we can mix and blend paint to meet any need.

New Mexico Auto Body Repair

Precision painting is what we do at West Mesa Auto Craft. Our painting process is conducted with an exacting attention to detail, so you can rest assured that your new paint job will be match your existing paint color exactly. Whether you are in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, call (505) 715-4104 today to schedule service. You can also contact us for a free estimate.

Painting a vehicle is the final step of the repairs process before we send it home with you, and we take as much care with it as we do every other aspect of the body work we perform.

Our shop has two large painting bays, offering ample room to handle any paint job that comes our way, including RVs. Two painting bays also reduces the amount of time a vehicle has to wait before being painted, minimizing downtimes and boosting the efficiency of our repair work.

If your vehicle has sustained damage, trust West Mesa Auto Craft to take care of your auto body repair and painting. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or just drop by for your free estimate!