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Custom Auto Paint in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Matching or creating a custom paint job requires immense skill and precision. Whether you’re having a mural painted on the back of your RV or need a shop to perfectly match your custom metallic paint, West Mesa Auto Craft has the tools and experience to get the job done right.

The Challenge of Custom Car Painting

Matching factory paint color is a largely computerized process: The mechanic looks up the factory color codes and inputs them into a computer, which will mix the paint to the correct hue. Custom paint requires quite a bit more artistry and skill.

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In the case of non-factory paint colors, several sample swatc hes of color might be prepared and matched against the car in all levels of light. If the paint is metallic, special care must be taken during painting and blending to ensure the metal flakes align seamlessly and don’t seem crowded. This attention to detail is what sets West Mesa Auto Craft apart, and it’s the level of skill and customer service that you can expect whenever you bring your vehicle to us for custom paint or repairs.

No matter what type of custom paint job you need, we can get the job done right!
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Original Paint Color Restoration – Rio Rancho NM

We specialize in collision repair and restoring vehicles that have been damaged, but we can also provide custom car paint jobs for other reasons. If you’re restoring an older model car or just want a new, unique paint job for your current vehicle, we can work with you. Just give us a call to discuss what you’re looking for and we can provide a quote and begin the process.